CodeLite is a powerful open-source, cross platform code editor for the C/C++ programming languages (regulary tested on Windows XP sp2, Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, Fedora Core 6 and Debian lenny/sid). CodeLite is distributed under the terms of the GPL license.

anyone try it yet?

Just watched the demo movies - looks quite cool!
We are actually looking at CodeBlocks for Windows at the moment - Dev Cpp has a couple of critical limitations. Codelite looks like it could be a good alternative though.

Thanks for the link!

wow that’s super interesting. I wonder about the mac port of this and cb, how they work and if they are worth pursuing.

a system that could work in a seamless, cross platform way would be really interesting for us. I think eclipse is also worth considering, but I like these simple c++ compilers because they are super practical, and typically well designed.

this and CB seem very similar : based on wxWindows, using mingw (by default) on windows, etc. and both are active, a welcome change from devcpp.

thanks much for pointing it out – I’m going to give it a spin shortly and post comments. Also, I’m developing a devcpp->codeblocks migration guide (it’s pretty simple) to help folks understand how to move between those two compilers (since devcpp has some serious flaws).

take care!!