codeblocks windows always recompiling everything

has anybody noticed something like this? was teaching a class some days ago and some of the computers were recompiling everything, including the whole oF, every time. it can be something with the file system permissions but couldn’t find why.

I think that is standard procedure. As soon as you change an .h file, codeblocks will compile everything that is related to that .h file.
Depending on your linking, it can be everything.

I remember DevC++ had this really nice option to go crazy in the linking and only compile certain things, but then that fucked up everything else…


yes, that will be normal, but in this case it’s recompiling everything just by changing something in testApp.cpp

I had something similar with code::blocks windows. Not the whole OF+project, but just a dozen files. It would always re-compile those files, even if they didn’t need compiling. Couldn’t find out why and would be keen to find out.