Codeblocks win8 problems

Hi there, i’m sorry for bother anyone, but i cant build any example from OF examples folder.

I installed and downloaded everything from website tutorial, and when i open some random example(using workspace to compile OF) it seems like openframework won’t build.

There is screenshot of errors (i’m sorry i cant upload file directly here)

Please, help me, i tried everything i found on web, literally 5 hours i spent on this.
Thank you!

Hi @milosnedelja,
Assuming the addon-files for code-blocks have been installed correctly, this is a weird error!

Maybe there is something wrong in your compiler settings - do you have anything enabled under Compiler Flags? I have nothing enabled - except the ‘have g++ follow the C++ 11 ISO standard’ (and this one is only on when really needed since sometimes it gives me strange errors as well when compiling the OF library). I assume you are using the standard MinGW compiler that comes with CB?

Hi @inoodle
I checked that flag now, i got 3 errors in ofTypes.h that says "__dynamic_cast_tag is not a member of ‘std’ ".