Codeblocks Version compatibility and eyewriter 2.0

Which version of openframeworks is compatible with codeblocks 16.01? and which versions match each other? system os in context is windows 10*64 bits.

sorry we do not support codeblocks anymore. We support visual studio and qt creator on windows.

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Oh thanks for the reply . I’ve been trying to get my hands on eyewriter 2.0 but it turns out they were run with older versions of openframeworks and codeblocks. Is there a way around it?

older versions of OF are here:

I should note about eyewriter (since I helped work on it) is that is not supported anymore since it’s almost a 10 years old project. eyewriter 2 is more modern, since it was developed a little later, but we don’t have the equipment or time to maintain the changes to the code so everything is as-is.

if it’s helpful, there are cheap eye tracking solutions now, such as

unfortunately eyetribe is not doing their product anymore, but you might be able to find some of their devices around.

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Thanks a lot for answering. You just have given me a clear cut idea of how to proceed further on. Thanks again.