codeblocks on linux, from svn build to stable build


I’m on a linux system, and when i first started using first got openframeworks, we with version 0.05, there was a script that installed codeblocks, i still have that going on my system

since then, c++ has become my bread and butter and i’ve been doing extensively and I’ve been using codeblocks as my “big project” IDE.

right now it’s an svn build of codeblocks that gets updated every now and then, but it crashes often when I use it. Is it safe for me to switch to ubuntu’s repo build?



haven’t noticed any crash, but anyway, you should be able to use the version in the ubuntu repositories but run won’t work from inside codeblocks, you’ll need to enable the old variable to run after compiling or run the apps from nautilus using the clickToLaunch script

oh that’s cool,

i’m so used to the old method of running the script :stuck_out_tongue: i never realised we could run them from codeblocks now haha

ok, thanks!