CodeBlocks each time recompile the ofxUI headers

I am developing a relatively simple C++ project in Ubuntu, basing on the OpenFrameworks toolkit, including the addon ofxUI. I use the CodeBlocks as IDE.

Each time when I build the project, it seems that the CodeBlocks and the gcc recompile all ofxUI files, in spite of the fact that these files have not been changed. In this case, it takes very much time to build the project every time even after a very tiny editing.

There is the “build log”:

I have tried to include ofxUI files to the CodeBlocks, but it does not benefit anyhow. I believe the solution for this problem should be very simple, it seems I do not understand something in the compilation process.

Thank you in advance for any advice, even very small!

(I have also asked this question on the StackOverflow. If I will receive the answer there, I will immediately put the link here, and vice versa.)

the only time i’ve seen something like this with the newest makefiles is if the date in the computer is not correctly set or the dates of files of the addon are set to a date in the future, then the makefile gets confused and thinks those files have been changed


Thank you for this idea, however, I have checked today the dates, and all dates seem to be set correctly… I am using the newest version of the OpenFrameworks. Possibly, there could be something else?.. The compilation takes too much every time :).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

looking at your compilation log again it seems ofxUI is developed in .h files instead of cpp’s so it’s recompiled every time and for every file that includes it which as you say will give super long compile times, you can post an issue in ofxUI’s github so reza can fix that

Thank you very much for your finding! Have added the issue on the ofxUI github project web-site: