Codeblocks 12.11


Has anyone got OF to run with C::B v12?

I have just installed the latest version of code::blocks 12.11 and when loading the latest empty projects from 0073 I receive an error "One or more plugins were not loaded. This usually happens when a plugin is built for a different version of the Code::Blocks SDK. Check the application log for more info.

List of plugins that failed:


Are there any istructions on how to compile the dll for 12.11?

Thanks in advance

hmm openframeworks doesn’t have a dll -
It could be something wrong with the project files / settings.

did you copy the files in step e) here ?

Thanks Theo,

It seems the dll was from an old plugin I had installed for Code::blocks and after the upgrade C::B didnt like it. I had to revert to 10.5 to finish the project and will try in the new 12.11 when I get a chance. The dll issue aside a bug ticket has been opened for 12.11 here

Thanks for your help