Code on Canvas (Sydney) looking for Creative Coder

Code on Canvas is an interaction design studio based in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in wide range of work including installations, projections, mobile AR apps, 3d printing, generative and audio-reactive visuals, games, datavis… list goes on! Check out our work for a better idea of what we’re all about.

The role would be a freelance arrangement with the potential of leading to something more permanent and you’d be working from the Code on Canvas studio in Sydney on some exciting projects. If you’re not local to Sydney, we might be able to make something work for more senior applicants.

The role requires some experience with OpenFrameworks or Cinder (C++) and some training will be part of the job if local to Sydney. Experience with other technologies like iOS, Android, Flash, Processing, JS, Canvas, WebGL, Unity, Unreal are definitely a bonus.

If you are interested and feel like you‘d make a good fit,
please send in your CV and links to any of your work,
or shoot us an email at -