code completion: inline vs. dropdown nitpick

Having some minor grief with code completion in Xcode 3 — despite combing through the preferences and googling around, I can’t seem to make it work the way I want it to.

Basically, after you’ve activated code completion in Xcode, a single suggestion pops up inline where you’re typing, no drop down, it just gives its best guess and that’s all you see:

In Eclipse and most other IDEs, code completion involves a handy drop down box that shows a bunch of options and gives you a subliminal education in what a particular class is capable of. To activate this in Xcode, you have to hit F5:

I want the dropdown all the time, why should I have to press an extra key? Does anyone know how to make this the default behavior so I can see the whole code completion list without hitting F5 all the time?

This plugin seems to do the trick:


I was searching for the same thing, as I use xcode 3 in mac and it’s boring to always press on fn + F5.
So I realise we can achieve the same thing by clicking in ESC key.

I believe this could be useful for people that doesn’t want to use the plugin you mention.

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As far as I know Xcode 4 automatically shows this dropdown and if it’s not visible you can always still press ESC to bring it up.