Code completion in codeblocks [ubuntu / linux]

Hi all,

I just moved from xcode developing to codeblocks on ubuntu,
the code completion of OF methods/functions isn’t working, as I was used to in xcode.

Is this a regular thing? I couldn’t find any information about it on the forum…

Thanks in advance!

been a while since i used CB, but have you opened the workspace file, not the cbp?

Yes, I did open the workspace file. Compiling and running is no problem, however I kind of miss the auto-completion.

Shouldn’t be a problem. What versions are you using? Building is done completely outside of cb. Codecompletion is not switched off by any chance?

I use Code::Blocks on Ubuntu and I got the code completion to work by recursively adding the relevant *.h files to the project. Right-click on your project, add files recursively…, then point to the *.h files you need.