Code::Blocks cannot find resources

Hello all,

I have just started using OpenFrameworks, and I am encountering some difficulty installing Code::Blocks. I downloaded the of_v0.8.4_linux64_release, and ran the script located in the /scripts/linux/ubuntu directory (I am running Linux Mint). The script doesn’t throw any errors, but after it finishes, whenever I try to launch Code::Blocks, I receive the following error:

Cannot find resources…
Code::Blocks was configured to be installed in ‘/usr/share/codeblocks’.
Please use the command-line switch ‘–prefix’ or set the CODEBLOCKS_DATA_DIR environment variable to point where Code::Blocks is installed,
or try re-installing the application…

There is a folder called codeblocks in /usr/share, and it has files in it, so I’m not sure what the error is referring to. I saw on other forums that if is missing from the folder, Code::Blocks will not launch, and it is missing from the folder. That said, I have no idea how I would generate the file.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well, actually I found a solution to my problem and hoped that sharing might help someone else. Just type in the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get autoremove codeblocks
$ sudo apt-get purge codeblocks

Next, run the as usual.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much you genius!!! You saved my day.