Code::blocks 12.11 does not currently work with OF

The latest release of code::blocks, 12.11, is here, and people started using it. Unfortunately, something essential changed so that OF breaks in various ways, it’s currently not possible to use OF with c::B 12.11.

We intend to fix this asap, but a shortage of windows&c::b developers makes this more difficult.
If you can help, contribute at the relevant bug ticket:

In the meantime, you should stick with code::blocks 10.08 until this matter is resolved.

Did you mean code::blocks 10.05 ?

there are no releases with the number 10.08 here:

yeah, right. you’re correct. In any case, this is moot, because CB 12.11 is already working now.

Not for me…
With OF v0.7.4 and CB 12.11, I can compile but when I ‘play’ it crashes with a “stopped working” Windows error message.

well if it compiles, then that’s probably a different problem. please post a new thread with more details - OS version, which program you try to build, more detailed error message (try debug build),…

Apology for duplicating my message already placed under “beginners” > Problem with codeblocks …
I have oF v.0.7.4 and Code::Blocks v.12.11 on Windows XP 2002 SP3. It successfully built examples …\math\trigonometricMotionExample and …\graphics\Color. But every attempt to run them ends
with “Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005) …” in the command prompt screen and “Process terminated with status -1073741819 …” in the “Build log” tab of CodeBloks output (“Logs & others”).
Any thoughts?

I can confirm troubles with Code::Blocks 12.11 and OF 0.73 and windows 7

With examples :
Debug can compile but stops with that call stack.
Release can build and run

My own projects including OF have the same stop as examples and can not run in debug.

any news ?

I’m finding the same problem as YBerBear. If I install Codeblocks 12.11 and use OF 0.7.4, I can compile the examples fine, but, certain examples will not run after compilation. For example, the audioOutputExample crashes. I haven’t been able to put it down to one specific issue or example, but it certainly effects all the audio examples (that is, compiles fine, but crashes instantly on open). The error message is what YBerBear gets. A more detailed version of the error is that it is a write access violation at quite a few different addresses (depending on the example).

I also found that the advanced3DExample has the same issue.

I am using windows 7, 64bit.

If I uninstall codeblocks 12.11 and replace it with codeblocks 10.5, and downgrade OF to 0.7.3, then all the examples compile and work fine.

I’ve reopened the bug on github:

Ok, weird,

I reinstall from scratch Code::blocks 10.05 and (after clean rebuilding) most of OF 0.73 stuff can run even in debug or in release.

Some OF 0.74 can run too as EventExamples
math\particles examples

can not compile Release with that following line and crash in debug with that call stack mentionning ntdll.dll

[tt]…\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\lib\win_cb\openFrameworks.lib(ofUtils.o):ofUtils.cpp|| undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms’|[/tt]


this is no surprise as C::B 10.05 is not compatible with the libraries in OF 0.7.4


but debug call stack crashing has the same answer in CB 10.05 than in 12.11 for OF 0074…

Thanks bilderbuchi!

I wonder if the issue is this (and resolved in that thread):;-ofsoundstream-crashes-on-startup./12688/0

Perhaps there are some old libraries still be carried over from 0.7.3 that need to be recompiled for the new mingw gcc?



[quote=“aurialLoop, post:13, topic:11588”]
Perhaps there are some old libraries still be carried over from 0.7.3 that need to be recompiled for the new mingw gcc?[/quote]
yeah that’s probably it. we just have to find out which libraries are affected, and recompile those. rtAudio seems to be one such candidate.


Is Code::blocks 12.11 supposed to work with of_0.8.0 as said here?

To me all examples compiles fine both with release target and degug, but while debug release works fine, releases crashes.

I’m on a win7 machine, 64bit

I’m on a win7 machine, 64bit

I’m on a windows 7 (x64) using Code::Blocks 12.11 with oF 0.8.0 - everything has worked so far for me: both debug and release. Did you get everything working on your setup?

Hey thanks! Sorry for the late reply… what do you mean with this?

[quote=“mikewesthad, post:16, topic:11588”]

Did you get everything working on your setup?

Maybe I misinterpreted your last post, but I thought you were having issues with openFrameworks crashing on windows when you target for release?


If my target is Debug, everything works fine. But if it’s release it crashes when executing the program