Code Block not compile

Hello OpenFrameworkers. I try to run my first Code compiling with Code Block which generates the error that you can see in the image.

Try to generate from the ProjectGenerator and put that line of code in the emptyexample ,the result is the same.

My OS is W10 64-bit.

Download version : of_v0.11.2_msys2_mingw64_release

The Path is Y:\OF2021\of_v0.11.2_msys2_mingw64_release

Use the version 20.03 of Code Block that you install in: C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks and add the includes and libraries as indicated in this link: cursoOF/ at master · patriciogonzalezvivo/cursoOF · GitHub in the installation for Windows from where you also download Code Blocks.

Can anyone help me take my first step?

Thanks a lot.

Hola OpenFrameworkers. Intento correr mi primer Codigo compilando con Code Block que genera el error que se puede ver el la imagen.

Probe generar desde el ProjectGenerator y también poner esa línea de código en el emptyexample y el resultado es el mismo.

Mi OS es W10 64 bits.

Descargue la versión : of_v0.11.2_msys2_mingw64_release

El Path es Y:\OF2021\of_v0.11.2_msys2_mingw64_release

Uso la version 20.03 de Code Block que instale en: C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks y le agregue los includes y librerías según se indica en este link: cursoOF/ at master · patriciogonzalezvivo/cursoOF · GitHub en la instalación para Windows de donde también descargue Code Blocks.

Alguien puede ayudarme a dar mi primer paso?

Muchas gracias.

I didn’t know Codeblocks was supported, I much prefer it too, I use older versions of OF if I want to use CB, maybe you could try legacy versions as well older releases | openFrameworks

Thanks for your answer. I download OF V 8.0.4 and Code Block 13:20. I’m going to try to see what happens. Greetings

Well I dowload OF 8.4 and Code Block 13:20 add includes and libs according this tutorial: in item 3. and not work. See the images.

It seems that you haven’t downloaded the correct Code blocks Version with the correct dependencies

try: codeblocks-13.12mingw-setup

Hello Igiso. I can solved the problem with Visual Studio, no try more with CB.
Thamk Best Regards.