CMake based workflow


I am new to OF. I am on OSX and I would like to set things up with CMake. Anyone who is using CMake for their OF based projects? I guess there are two stages:

(1) Build and Compile OF from source (possibly using CMake).
(2) Set-up CMake so that I can build and compile (linking, headers etc.) using CMake.

I have already done some research, and there are people who are using CMake. However, there is not a single unified workflow. Some of the repos are outdated and some of the solutions are designed for specific platforms. I am sure that I should be able to patch something together, but would like to check first if there are people around who already got OF to work with CMake.


CLion IDE uses CMake. Maybe you can read the configuration files for the IDE and set the values for your project. Check this thread

Hi AinSoph,

Thanks. I have read through the post. It seems very helpful. I have some experience with CMake so I will try to adopt the approach to a plain CMake CLI workflow. Could you please help me find the latest repo that holds those CMake solution? Thanks.

Hello Again,

I think it is this one:

Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks for the help.


I have been (desperately) struggling to build one of the examples included with OF. It is the 3DPrimitiveExample. I am using a pure CMake workflow and no IDE. I am attempting to compile the project by building a CMake file from scratch. However, I have not been successful so far. Could someone with CMake experience help me? I really need to find a solution to this problem. I have posted my initial attempts here.