[CLOSED] Big difference in CPU utilization and threads


I found strange CPU usage difference which makes fps soooo slow (70=>25) on OSX xcode.

What i have done is

  1. implement some code inside ofApp.cpp ( <= fast, 70-100fps, 100% CPU usage)
  2. then move these logic to other class for refactoring ( <= slow, 20-30fps, 40% CPU usage)

So basically what I did is just put the same code to another place in the application.

Then the instruments tells that these two app (1 & 2) has different number of threads, different percentage of CPU usage.

I am not sure why this simple refactoring causes these difference. There should be the reasonā€¦ I asked my friends to test it on other machines but the result is same.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!


That was my mistakeā€¦
Sorry for bothering the forum! :cry: