Cloning an OF project generated by Project Generator


I am currently working with a team to build a Kinect Multiplayer game, using the Kinect v2.
At the moment we have a github repo with just a single directory called KinectMultiplayerGame, within this exists two projects generated by a team member using his own laptop and the ProjectGenerator.

If I clone KinectMultiplayerGame into /apps, the two inner projects will exist two levels below /apps, which is what it’s meant to be.

Although, when I click on the project solution(we’re developing in Visual Studios 2015 Community edition), both projects fail to load(load failed) in the solution explorer of VS.
The team member has demonstrated that both projects compile and build on his computer(windows as well), so there is nothing wrong with the code.
I’m thinking that there might be some configurations that are made to a project when made in project generator, that are exclusive to the computer your running on.
If more information is needed to solve this problem just post down below and I will give it!

if a project is generated out of the apps/group/project structure then the proiject generator will use absolute paths to be able to find libraries… and it won’t work in other machines. if it’s not that then posting the exact error you are getting and the full path were the project is will help

I sorted the problem, the file path to …/…/…/libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs\openFrameworksDebug.props was incorrect.

Many Thanks for the speedy reply!