CLion and other IDEs with OpenFrameworks v0.11.0?

I read pretty much all of the older topics discussing OpenFrameworks on CLion. Most of the solutions were directed towards Mac users, and I am a Windows 10 user. There were many examples I found of OpenFrameworks working on CLion on Windows, but they were all outdated. I know a decent enough about CMake files, but apparently not enough when trying to complete this setup.

I am trying to use all the most updated software when setting this up, but does anyone have interaction or success when setting up CLion and the most recent version of OpenFrameworks (v0.11.0)?

I’m open to anything - tips, ideas, success, failure, etc…
I hope this discussion will be able to help other people with similar struggles…

If you got other IDE’s to work with the most recent version of OpenFrameworks (v0.11.0), I’d like to hear those too! ( I mean anything other than XCode, Visual Studio, QT Studio, etc…)

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