Clicking on objects in a 3D scene

Evening all

Ive got a simple setup where im sending triangles from a mesh to oF from rhino via OSC.
Thing is, i would like to click on individual triangles and select them.

ofxGrabcam gives me a cursor that seems to detect the triangles, but I cant figure out how to actually tell what is being clicked on.

ill post some more detailed explanations in the morning if need be :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions

I want to do the same thing but with cilinders. I think that you can use the coordinates of the mouse in the 3D world and associate the closest triangle to the location you will be choosing when you click.

It seems as though they are doing this in the ofxBullet 3D demos, clicking on 3D objects and dragging them around.
Im gonna download and poke around to see how its done.