Class ofXml has no member named 'getNumChildren'?

Hi everybody.

Well, I’m getting this error while trying to build the examples ofxCv:

Description Resource Path Location Type
‘class ofXml’ has no member named ‘getNumChildren’; did you mean ‘getChildren’? Calibration.cpp /MyNewApplication/addons/ofxCv/libs/ofxCv/src line 169 C/C++ Problem

The documentation page about the class ofXml says that there is indeed a member called getNumChildren.

Any ideas about how could I solve this problem will be appreciated.

best regards,

what version of OF are you using and what platform? I just checked 0.98 on osx and that function is there. Are you using master on github or a release from the downloads page?


Hi zach
I tried with the nightly build and the 0.98 versions from the downloads page in Linux Ubuntu 64 bits.

thank you!