[class] of course

Dear folks,

This is a quick letter to let you know about a creative coding program I’ve put together. I’m hosting it in Brooklyn in August. If you have a moment, please check out OF COURSE - - I’d be really glad to share what I’m hoping to achieve and to hear any suggestions or advice you might care to offer.

So, to be quick about it, a team of openFrameworks teachers will be coming together to share their skills in a creative coding program. We’re going to integrate programming, design, audio, video and a range of interdisciplinary pursuits that can meet and interact via openFrameworks.

This program is designed to start with beginner level knowledge about creative coding. So basically, if you have a slight interest but haven’t dipped your feet into this world, you might find its something you would really like. Curriculum-wise, in six weeks, students will take twelve in-depth classes. They will learn necessary coding skills, be introduced to concepts concerning new media technology, and join discussions with open source community leaders. So it’s really going to pack in as many approaches to learning and community interaction as we can fit. The program will start on August 19th, and the application deadline is August 4th.

You can get an overview of OF COURSE from our website, which also has a detailed overview of the teachers and resources we are drawing from. Furthermore, we enjoy support from the School for Poetic Computation. If this catches your interest maybe forward it to friends - - we are trying to get as diverse a class as we can! And of course, we welcome any questions or suggestions you might have about our efforts. Thank you for your time, and all the best for your summer!

Paul + (Jason, Jonathan,Gene, Bernardo, Tharit, Gabriel)