Class filename in ofx3DModelLoader addon


I am very strong in Java side. But thanks to Android native, I had to start to the C++ development. I am pretty new in this area. Maybe I am wrong below. If so, sorry from now.

I check the folder of ofx3DModelLoader addon on the Github repository:

The classname is: ofx3DModelLoader
The filename of the header file is: ofx3DModelLoader.h
The filename of the source file is: ofx3dModelLoader.cpp
(.h filename with ‘D’ and .cpp filename with ‘d’)

Aren’t the filenames and class names case-sensitive in C++? Is this a bug or is it ok?

(Altought I read from similar posts that this addon is not compatible with Android.)

I would consider this a small bug to fix but I guess as long as ofx3dModelLoader.cpp includes the correct header with the correct spelling it will be ok. It would probably even be ok on Mac/Win if it didn’t as the Mac is just “case-aware” and windows was still case-insensitive last time I used it

And yes ofx3DModelLoader is not compatible with android or any other openGL ES platform