class creating base on ofVideoPlayer

Hello all,

I am now trying to create a videoObject class with using OfVideoPlayer_alpha, and than I can use it as a object
and place it in another class with random position, rotation and scale. As I just have very little
knowledge in programming, so can anyone please help me with my questions?

And here is the effect I want to achieve

So my questions :

Do I need to create something like a quad class and then use videos as texture to create the videoObject class?

Or can I just extend the class ‘ofVideoPlayer_alpha’ which something like the following? Thanks a lot.


class VideoObject: public ofRectangle, public ofVideoPlayer_alpha  
        ofVideoPlayer_alpha video;  
        int videoWidth;  
        int videoHeight;  
        virtual ~VideoObject();  
        //void update();  
        //void draw();  
        void setPos(float _x, float _y);	// set position of object  
	    void setSize(float _w, float _h);	// set size of object  
	    void rotation(float _rot);          // set rotation of object  
        ofRectangle	vidRect;  
        ofPtr<ofBaseVideoPlayer>		player;  
        ofTexture tex;  
		ofTexture * playerTex; // a seperate texture that may be optionally implemented by the player to avoid excessive pixel copying.  
		bool bUseTexture;  
		ofPixelFormat internalPixelFormat;