Circadia for iPhone and iPad

Hi OF!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that this platform and community exists. It helps people like me who, two years ago had never coded a “hello world”, to bring me to a point where I can begin to express myself in ways I never thought possible. I’m so excited to show you my first OF creation on the app store, and, might I add, is now the #1 music game, and #26 on the top app store charts.

It’s a game called Circadia, and it was a project I developed while taking a class at Parsons with Zach Lieberman.

It also uses the batch render, with some fancy additions, provided by Zach Gage and Ramsey Nasser. Super special thanks to them!

I thank this community so so very much!

You can check it out here:

Kurt Bieg

Big congrats Kurt! Great work and look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

BTW, is it the ofxSpriteSheetRenderer addon that you used? Are the circles images? I’m trying to do a similar stroked circle that scales and am curious how you did that since ofCircle has its limitations.

Thanks Seth! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

Yup, it’s using the ofxSpriteRenderer addon which is absolutely amazing, but Zach Gage added a very specific implementation that allows it to draw lines using texture painting. Here’s a basic explanation of what it does

To really get the nitty gritty, you’d have to ask Zach how he coded it. It’s really cool, and absolutely beautiful in the circles. I was super picky about how I wanted them to look, and it looks exactly how I wanted them to :slight_smile:

Also you can read about how I made designed the game

Thanks Kurt. I read through your writeup about how you made it earlier; great stuff and really cool that you’re opening up your thoughts/experience.

I’ll have to look through the ofxSprieRenderer some more because I didn’t really understand how it relates to drawing circles. From what I understood it was for drawing/animating sprites. If you have any samples in the future you can share about the lines/circles, that’d be great. The example that is on github is lacking in that regard I think since it’s demonstrating a different use case.

update I think I figured out the basics for dawing a circle:

	spriteRenderer = new ofxSpriteSheetRenderer(1, 10000, 0, 32); //declare a new renderer with 1 layer, 10000 tiles per layer, default layer of 0, tile size of 32  
	spriteRenderer->loadTexture("lineTexture.png", 256, GL_LINEAR); // load the spriteSheetExample.png texture of size 256x256 into the sprite sheet. set it's scale mode to nearest since it's pixel art  
    spriteRenderer->setShapeColor(255, 0, 0);  
    spriteRenderer->addCircle(x, y, 0, radius, strokeWidth, false);