cinder as library

Hi all - sorry for double posting
accidentally posted this on the end of a visual studio forum thread but I’m working in XCode! here I go again:

I was wondering if anyone had made any more progress using cinder as a lib inside OF? Cinder is designed to be able to be used this way (except for the ci::app namespace). I have had some success in XCode 4 with OF 007 and cinder 083. I dragged any missing frameworks over to an OF project then added some build settings like so:

header search paths

user header search paths

other linker flags
debug: $(CINDER_PATH)/lib/libcinder_d.a
release: $(CINDER_PATH)/lib/libcinder.a

This works for some things but not others. For example, If I include “cinder/Rand.h” I can compile and use the class but if I include “cinder/gl/Texture.h” I get some similar compile errors relating to boost that I am not sure how to resolve:

/Applications/_cinder/cinder_083/boost/boost/detail/is_incrementable.hpp:73: error: expected unqualified-id before ')' token  

From googling this can apparently be due to boost include order or a name clash between frameworks but I have had no luck so far. Has any anyone else been luckier?

hey, so turned out the fix was to add __ASSERTMACROS__ to the Preprocessor Macros in the build settings: