CI tools, alternatives to Travis?

hello everybody, I wanted to update the travis build for a couple of addons that I have developed and I have discovered that travis is no longer free. Do you have any suggestion of a possible replacement?
I have seen that the OF repo is using Github actions, can they be used for addons too? any hints about the configuration?

Hey @edapx

Github Actions is pretty similar to Travis.
Most of the work is in the .yml file and you can call bash scripts as different steps.

  • The checkout step is basically checking out the repo ( so in this case your addon ).
  • You would probably want a step afterwards that shallow clones the OF repo and downloads the libs.
  • Then a step to move your addons into the OF/addons/
  • Then clone/build PG to generate a project for your addon to test build with

You can see an example .yml file here:

It actually would be a really good idea if we could make a GitHub Actions workflow template for addons.

Then people could add it to their repo and use it for testing CI with their addons.

Not sure if anyone might want to take this on, but if you get it working for your repos we could build on that?

Feel free to ping me if you get stuck anywhere. CI can be fiddly and takes a lot of patience :grin:


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Many thanks for your detailed answer @theo , I will give a try in the next days. I will post the conf file as soon as I get it working.