CI, deployment, auto-update for RPi 4

I’m interested in using Github Actions to compile and deploy an oF project to a bunch of RPi 4s. I’m just starting my research, but I’m curious if anyone could share any likely pitfalls that I might encounter or tips that might be helpful.

For CI: I’m somewhat new to this so apologies for stupid questions/assumptions. But I think I can make my own Docker action using the raspbian/stretch docker image and then have it push the resulting artifacts to Github Releases. Or maybe it’s better to use the ubuntu github os and cross-compile? Does this make sense?

For auto-update: I know there are Github hooks, but I think using a hook assumes that the RPi will be online when the build is complete. I would rather the RPis have some sort of polling mechanism (or at least a check on startup) to make sure they always have the latest version. Is there a good existing tool for this? Or is it better to just roll my own.

Thanks in advance!

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