Chroma key (finding a good method)

Hi I’m new to oF and I wanted to know if anybody know a simple method to make a Chroma key replacing for simple video.
I tried to make ofxGreenScreen works but I had a lot of problems with Xcode. I use 10.9 and Of 0.8 and I don’t know if maybe this add-on is outdated.
I also tried ofxChromaKey but I can’t get a good result, I could make it works, but there are a lot of pixels dancing in my screen :slight_smile: and It`s not cool.
Maybe this is a quite simple work in Of but I don’t know how to get it works better.

To answer the part about simplicity - a lot of it depends on your source video - the algorithm to get rid of artifacts is pretty complex and why chroma key plugins for editors can be very expensive

You may refer to this page for the detailed explanation of the algorithm behind chroma key:

The best solution I have tested so far is writing a shader version ofxGreenScreen

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Thanks for replying,
I’m trying to put a background while people walk in front of the camera. Now I’m testing with a kinect and I guess if maybe is there another solution to crop people from background. Maybe with an specific ilumination i could delete pixels using threshold??

With chroma key addon I get too much artifacts as you say jvcleave, today I’m gonna check ofxGreenScreen and the reference you gave me musiko.
Thanks again…I’ll tell you if a find a good solution.

I think ofxGreenScreen could be a good solution and I’ve seen that it’s based on the algorithm that musiko refered.
I only want to change the background and I think maybe I could find another solution using kinect and image depth.

I’m falling in love with OF ;)… after 12 hours exploring today

FYI, I have uploaded my “shader” version of ofxGreenscreen: