choosing from multiple connected cameras...

I’ve been having some difficulty controlling which cameras to capture from when I have multiple cameras connected (to 2nd gen Mac Pro).

I have 6 unibrain fire-i cameras connected, and everytime I connect / disconnect any camera, the order gets completely jumbled up - even if I connect each camera to exactly the same place in the chain. I tried devising a system and order to connecting them, but after hours of trying couldn’t pin it down - just seems random. I tried using setDeviceID() but that made no difference, I think because when I do listDevices() only one firewire capture device appears, the rest are usb and other things (i don’t have the cameras with me at the moment so cannot look I’m afraid), so effectively every time I create a new capture device I just get the next one the OS gives me. And to make matters more interesting, every time I do videoSettings() the order changes again!

Any advice on the matter appreciated!!

On a side note, to get 6 cameras working on a Mac Pro, I had to get an extra PCIe Firewire card (2 cameras daisy chained on the Mac Pro FW port, 2 cameras daisy chained on one FW port of the PCIe FW, and another 2 daisy chained on the other port of the PCIe FW.), turns out there aren’t enough DMA channels or something to support more than 4 firewire cameras on the Mac Pro.

if you use hacktv, does the same thing happen?…-index.html

in hacktv you can choose the video device video videoSettings…


Hi Zach, I don’t have the cameras with me at the moment but will try when I get a chance…

if you can get some kind of specific id for each device than maybe you can deal with the order yourself, rather than asking the operating system to do it. i had to do a similar thing working with two Arduinos once - i was able to know which was which by reading a specific id code each one had, but i had to manually order them because the operating system would just give them to me in any old order.