Changing resolution of video


I’m having a slight problem with the ofVideoPlayer. I’ve loaded a video that plays correctly at an resolution of 640x340 now I want to play this video on a 40x48 led-matrix. I used to convert the video’s via touchdesigner, but that doesn’t seem to work. When I try to play the converted video I can’t get past the first frame. Anyone had this problem?
Now I’m trying to change the resolution of the video with openframeworks. I know you can draw the video at a certain resolution but then the information of a single frame is still in 640x340 resolution. I need the frames you would get with .getPixels() to be 40x48. Does anyone know a way to do this is openframeworks?


Take a look at videoPlayerExample

Are you calling videoPlayer.update()?

As for the rest you can use an FBO (semi-pseudo code)

ofFbo fbo;
ofPixels pixels;

//create an ofFbo with your desired size (e.g. 40x48)
fbo.allocate(40, 48);

//create an ofPixels to use as your pixel source
pixels.allocate(40, 48);

videoPlayer.draw(0, 0, 40, 48);

//get pixels from FBO