Changing OpenGL version messes with drawing (ofSetOpenGLVersion)

While learning to take advantage of GLSL shaders a bit more I had to change the openGL version to something like 3.3 or more.

Im using a simple scene build on top of the ofxBullet example and everything seems to draw ok including a simple light source.
If I change the default openGL version, NO shaders added yet, I get this weird result…

Any pointers to what might be the problem? Am I missing something obvious??

Last one is with GL3.3 and most of the scene is just black and the light in the middle pure white…


PS: screenshots look really dark :S only the last one is totally black in reality, the first two are grey with shadows too.

in openGL >3 there’s no default lighting and lights have to be calculated using shaders. the version in master of OF does shader lighting but you have to use materials explicitly, anything that is not drawn with a material won’t get any lighting. so before drawing something where you want lights applied you need to do:

//draw things

you can of course use different materials


thanks a lot for the info. I wasnt aware of that.