Changing library paths in Xcode project

Hi everyone!

I’m just starting out with Xcode and OF… so far I’ve been able to compile the examples in 0.07 with no problems.

Now I’d like to create a new folder to put my own OF projects, and because the path to the OF libraries are relative, Xcode fails to find them if the directory structure isn’t the same as in the demo projects.

In the “build settings”, and “build phases” there are TONS of paths to libraries and such… do I have to manually change each path? Isn’t there a general setting for this?

BTW I’m on Mac os 10.7.1 and Xcode 4.1


create a folder called “myApps” (or whatever you like) inside of the openFrameworks/apps directory

When I first started I had my apps/examples folder full of my stuff until I realized I could do this

Well yeah… that will work because you are using the same folder structure…

But what if I want my folder somewhere else?
How can I change the paths in Xcode?

If you really want to do this take a look at Project.xcconfig (in most example project folders) and start digging from there.