Changing external monitor behavior on iOS

Hey all,

Working on an installation with a permanent iPhone video monitor. I’m having some problems with the video display (connected through HDMI cable through dongle). First off, by default it seems that openframeworks apps display only in portrait mode on external devices, regardless of the overall app setting or display.

I’m also having a problem where the video monitors will occasionally be turned off and on. This leads the external monitoring to be turned off, and remain off even when the monitors have been turned back on. The solution to this to unplug the hdmi and plug it back in, which is rather a pain since the phone will be high up. I’d like to check for the display every so often and redisplay once the monitors are back on.

I’ve found solutions to both these problems on iOS, but don’t know how to implement them within the context of openFrameworks. Solutions are:


Any idea how to access these parts of iOS? Maybe a viewcontroller file? I’ve checked out the ofBook on iOS, but didn’t find anything definitive for this. There’s a few examples of people doing this I could find, but all of them are pretty out of date or the code has gone missing. I get the sense this is a fairly easy question, but I’m having trouble answering it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @ethan.
This part is on ofxiOS addon, see the screenshot I make for you:

Hope this help.