Change font size in GUI extended

I’m using the GUI extended add-on in my app as it has some nice features. It should be able to utilize joson to format each and every element but there doesn’t seem to be a setting to set e.g. the fontsize and family for one container.

I am able to increase the fontsize for certain pieces (e.g. a button and it’s text) but I am failing to do so for a group of elements (like a radiobox list).

The reason I need to increase the fontsize is that a lot of newer laptop models have much higher resolution and the UI becomes unreadable as a result.

Anyone have experience to share with GUI extended and using the json settings?

yes, you can customize all.

The faster way is to use a global json for define each widget type.
but you can populate each widget with a style (passing a json for each one).

These days I am using ImGui, but if I remember well, you can check this example that has a good styling:

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thanks, this helped! I managed to load the json theme and make some changes in there that I needed. Was not able to do it in the code only, but it works - so that’s good enough :wink: I’m probably going to switch to ImGui as well but I needed a quick fix for now.

the code works like in the example:

colorPanel = gui.addPanel("header color", ofJson({{"width", 270}}));

You can create an ofJson object on the fly to apply to any widget.

ofJson j;
j ={
{"type", "fullsize"}, 
{"padding", "20"}, 
{"background-image", "images/ente.jpg"}, 
{"background-size", "scale"}

And the to apply like that:
colorPanel = gui.addPanel("header color", j);

The main problem I remember is that sometimes you get crashes when applying a style, or unlogged errors hard to debug.