Change cursor

Hey there,

Quick question I’m sure some of you can help me out with…
So, off we go: How do I turn my default cursor into the systems-default hand with a pointing finger. (need it for a hover effect)
I’m running Mac OS X 10.7 by the way.

Thank you very much!



I am not sure about a proper way to do this. However, I can think of a workaround.

If you can get the onHover event, use ofHideCursor(); to hide the mouse pointer and draw an image which looks similar to the hand cursor at mouseX, mouseY. :slight_smile:

You can get back the original cursor with ofShowCursor();


for the pointing hand

[[NSCursor pointingHandCursor] set];  

and for the normal arrow:

[[NSCursor arrowCursor] set];  

you’ll have to rename your file from .cpp to .mm, so XCode knows that it has to compile the file with the ObjC+±compiler. Perhaps you’ll have to add

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>  

at the beginning of your file.

Works only for OS X, untested with OpenFrameWorks, YMMV.


Thanks for thinking along, was working on something that myself but wanted to know if there actually was another way.

Wow, amazing, thanks very much, totally fits my needs!

Ah! Now thats the proper way to do it. Thanks @sth! :slight_smile: