CCV and ofxOscReceiver in same program

Hi Everyone,

I’m having a problem with combining CCV and an OSC receiver in the same program.

Basically, I want to get the the finger tracking data from CCV, use an OSC receiver to read the messages, and then use the position coordinates and velocity of the finger blob to do something (in this case, release projectiles on the screen based on the position and velocity of the blobs).

It was working fine when I had CCV running on its own, and the OSC receiver running in a separate program. However, when I tried to combine the two programs together, then I started to get errors with threads. Seems like the problem is with this line here I have in testapp.cpp:

receiver.setup( PORT );

When I comment it out, then the program runs, but then of course I can’t get any OSC messages.

Does anybody have an idea what the issue here is? I’ve also attached the source files if that helps.

Thanks in advance for your help.