Capturing mouse movement beyong screen boundaries


I’m building an application, where I need to receive mouse movement. However it seems that mouseMoved event relaying information related to mouse pointer. Which means that if I continue to move mouse when pointer is already at the side of the screen, I receive no information (since it’s limited to screen height/screen width!).

Is there a way to “raw” mouse movement in openFrameworks ?

Second question related to scrollWheel… is there a way to reiceve scrollWheel events - that would be helpful too.

Running on Raspberry PI2 / openFrameworks 0.9.0


Looked further into scrollWheel event.
Somehow I never get notified of this event (even though it’s declared and implemented in my app )

void mouseScrolled(int, int, float, float)…

I do however get a message from mouseMoved… event, who captures scrollwheel event and
complains that it doesn’t know how handle it (unknown mouse axis)…