Capturing img from url


Is there any lib to img capture (like screen capture) from url?

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Did you have a look at ofxAwesomium? there are different repos.
this one worked for me:

Awesonium is an amazing bit of code. Are you wanting to literally capture a screenshot a website. If so Awesonium is the way to go. If you want to find a specific in img src on a website then use ofxGumbo. Just feed it a url and specify the element you want to find.


@david_haylock @Jordi
Do you guys know if that is also applicable for Java?
I am using Processing at this time for this proeject and
Something that I found for java “html2image” lib is not working anymore.

Awesonium for Java perhaps? ( for processing)

@fkkcloud from what I can remember Awesonium framework is c++ and .NET so not at the moment. see if you can make sense of the docs.