capture from hdv camcorder


This is my first time posting… I want to grab HDV over firewire for live video processing. The ofVideoGrabber example does not recognize my camera (a canon HV30) when in HDV mode, but does recognize it if set to regular DV modes.

I am able to view/capture HDV using QTPro (7.6), and to capture/stream to VLC using the Apple FireWireSDK examples.

Is it possible to grab live HDV in OF?

FYI I have also tried with OF on a windows machine. Similariy, I am able to open the camera as a DirectShow device in VLC in HDV mode, but ofVideoGrabber will not open it when set to any HDV mode.

Thanks for any help!


I’ve got a DVGrab addon for Linux:…

I don’t think it supports HDV yet (although it may) but I’m pretty sure DVGrab, the software it is based on does…so with some changes it might work.

If you’ve got a copy of Ubuntu on a PC and want to try let me know…

I should try that. I actually adapted the videoinput library for HDV input in windows, and that works (albeit with a slow-ish framerate and a few quirks)–hdv-capture-with-modified-videoinput-library/2272/0

When I boot in ubuntu I will give your suggestion a try. Thanks for the post!


OK great…if you get errors, please post them in the Linux section of the forum and I’ll try and fix them.