Canvas helper for ofxFenster helps rendering to multiple displays

I spent a couple days this week getting ofxFenster running 6 1920x1080 displays on a Mac Pro with two triple-head graphics cards. I haven’t done any real benchmarks, but with my very simple scene, I was getting about 20fps trying to render by creating one big window, and I’m getting 60fps (bounded, so may be able to get more) using this.

More on the history here:

And here’s the code with an example:

Note that it assumes all the displays have the same resolution (or you’re forcing them to be the same using the width and height arguments), and it behaves oddly when they don’t. Shouldn’t be *too* hard to fix, but I don’t need that so I’m moving on.

I’d be interested to get feedback and/or hear if it’s useful to anyone else.

Hey, this looks like a good utility and additional helper class for the library. Let’s talk on github about including it.