Can't setup OF on Win10 + Qt Creator

hi there, i try to setup OF for the first time. On Ubuntu it’s working, but i have trouble with the setup on windows 10. I followed the msys2 guide, then installed the qt version 6.0.1. I tried to reinstall everything, setting the enviroment variable via gui and cmd line. I tried setting the “MYSYSTEM” variable in qt settings with and without PATH. I’m able to make and run using the MINGW64 Console. Qt creator is able to setup the project but can’t run it. I’m new to coding and right now i feel lost. Maybe someone can hint me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance,

Win 10 pro 19044
Qt Creator 6.0.1 (in Documents)
0.11.2 OF qt creator/msys2 64bit (msys2 installed on C:\msys64)

Qt Options > Kits

Since people are not responding to my post, is there further information needed to figure out what might the issue? If someone needs more infos or screenshots please let me know.