Can't seem to separate meshes within a vector of ofMesh

I have been dealing with a vector of ofMesh objects, which are building a sort of braid. When I have multiple meshes within the vector, the end of the first is drawing a line to the first of the second mesh. It is being initialized like this:

vector<of3dPrimitive> oscMesh;

and being built with this function:

void ofApp::sendWave(int index, int burst){
    //Point in another mesh that is used as the origin point of my "braid"
    ofVec3f firingPoint = mesh.getVertex(index);
    //Point in the other mesh that is used as the terminating point of my "braid"
    ofVec3f destPoint = mesh.getVertex(index+1);//
    int res = 150;
    for(int i=0;i<burst;i++){
        for (float x=0;x<res;x++){
            float delta = x/res;
            ofVec3f signal = firingPoint.getInterpolated(destPoint, delta);
        //It's hard for me to say how setupIndicesAuto() is playing into my problem, or if indices are the source of the problem, instead of the mesh objects themselves.
        //Related problem, whenever this function is called, the entire "braid" is rotated, instead of only the single line strip mesh.
        float degree = 90;

My understanding of a vector is that it contains a number of separate instances of a type. oscMesh[1] is a different ofMesh than oscMesh[2], and they should react separately, but I’m beginning to think I am misunderstanding something.

One mesh:

Two meshes (and the problematic line being drawn between them):

Thanks to everyone on this forum by the way, and the IRC. I bug you guys constantly, but as I get better at using openframeworks, I promise to give back because this community is great.