Can't play audio w/ ofSoundPlayer & ofVideoPlayer, Linux64

So I want to use .ogg format and reworked my oF setup according to this thread to make Theora compatible with the libraries:

Now I can’t use ofSoundPlayer (due to fmodex). So, I tried installing a separate, fresh oF package, but no dice. When running the soundPlayer Example, I get the following message:

Cannot find -lopenFrameworksDebug  

Back in my first install, I undid the steps according to the thread linked above, but get this message:

cannot find -lfmodex  

Even though it is in the projects properties.

I’m running of_v0062 on Linux 64 bit.


After some poking about:
the libopenframeworks project needs to be rebuilt every time depending on whether or not I want to use ofVideoPlayer or ofSoundPlayer.

Is it possible to find some compatability between them?
What if one wanted to use both in a project?

I don’t know enough to dive into fmodex and figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

no, if you change the code in the core, you need to recompile it and the library will be the same for all of your projects.

the first error you were having with the second installation of OF was because you didn’t compiled the library. opening any project using the workspace instead of the cbp will compile it, also running the install_dependencies script will compile the OF library too.

That makes sense. But is there no way to use both ofSoundPlayer and ofVideoPlayer in the same application? Is there an alternative or a workaround?

And thanks!

in OF 007 there’ll be swappable sound and video player so you will be able to change fmod with something else but not in 0062

When can we expect of_007?

In the meantime, do you have any suggestions for working around this? I’m totally new.


i’ve seen you’ve posted in pierre’s openal thread, that’s a good solution.