can't load XML with ofxxmlSettings

Hi folks - really simple newbie question for someone here- I’ve started using ofxxmlSettings to load and read a simple xml file and it won’t open

if( XML.loadFile(“tags.xml”) ){

is returning false.

I’ve tried changing the xml file and it will load only very simple xml that i feed it. I can’t see anything wrong with the structure and it can be read in processsing with processsing xml libraries but there’s obviously something about it that this addon doesnt like. Can anyone suggest anything. sample xml looks like this (below) and im just using the code from the addon example. All i need to do is to be able to search for and read elements/tags/nodes so if anyone has good suggestions for this I’d really appreciate it.

not sure but i think the problem is:

<index 1=“1” 0=“10”/>

i suppose that a number is not a legal name for an attribute.

ahhhh, that’s interesting - I’ve given at a try and you seem to be right - I’ll re-write the code that writes that code in processing to avoid using numbers. Thanks very much for your help Arturo - I can’t believe that someone helped me out so quickly! Cheers to all OF folks!