can't go faster than 60fps on windows with vsync disabled

Hi all, i have vsync disabled, and ofSetFrameRate(240); and hardly anything happening in my scene. On mac I’m running at 240Hz no problem, but on windows it’s still stuck to 60Hz. What can I do?

my code is at…-estApp.cpp


Check the Nvidia settings in the Nvidia control panel - one of the options is to force vertical sync on/off for all applications.

That is usually what it is for me.


Hey theo, thanks for the tip. I just had a look and it was set to ‘application settings’ which is weird. I change it to ‘force off’, and still I get 60fps! Could it be a miscalculation in ofGetFrameRate() ?

hmm I am not sure - you could try timing your update and draw functions manually and seeing if those values are different. Also you could try and comment out the sleeping code for FPS limiting in ofAppGlutWindow.

Also do you have the latest ofAppGlutWindow from svn - there is some fps related fixes in their for pc.


Hey Memo,

Are you sure it’s not some error with the XML file loading?
I see that your default freq value is 60…maybe its falling back to that?

     int     freq    = XML.getValue("Frequency", 60);  

Hey Pierre, good point. On screen it says "at 240Hz | actual 60Hz’. So it does load the XML correctly and try to run at 240Hz, but it just doesn’t :confused: I haven’t look at the 2nd batch of things that Theo has suggested yet