Can't get proper ofVideoGrabber output from Point Grey camera

Hi! I have a Grasshopper 2 gigE camera from Point Grey that I’m trying to use with a blob-tracking app I made in openFrameworks. I tried using ofxFlyCapture and it can recognize my camera but gives me an error message of “generation count is incorrect,” so instead, since the camera can be detected similar to a USB camera by DirectShow, I’m trying to use the standard ofVideoGrabber to get the feed from the camera instead. When I get the image though, it appears to be some sort of non-interleaved bayer image, because I can see what looks like bayer tiles, and the image seems to be putting the luminance data into 3 RGB channels (just by looking at the image below).

The image looks normal in FlyCap2 and SpinView.

Could someone help me figure out how I can get the properly encoded camera feed in openFrameworks?


For reference, here an example “normal” picture, viewable in Point Grey’s FlyCap2 and SpinView softwares.

Hey there,
Did you check out this?

To me, it seems the channels are encoded differently in the source data. You can see 3 channels in the image. The bayer issue would display only as a pattern in a grayscale image. But what you are showing is an image with the incorrect byte order. I would fix that first, and then, if a pattern appears in a grayscale image, apply debayer at the end.

Could you post some code?

FYI, here there is an example of a non-debayered image.