Can't get ofxVectorGraphics addon to work?

Hi there,

I’ve been programming for five years but am very new to xcode and c++ so need a bit of help getting up and running.

I’ve been trying to simply install an addon and am failing miserably. No idea what’s going wrong.

Firstly I downloaded the latest ofxVectorGraphics addon from

Then I

  1. Created new empty oF project.
  2. Dragged ‘ofxVectorGraphics’ addon into my projects addon folder.
  3. In testApp.h i’ve included #include ‘ofxVectorGraphics.h’
  4. Ran the app and got errors I can’t make any sense of.

These are included in the screenshot. What the hell am I doing wrong?!?! It can’t be this hard?

… and now I can’t seem to even upload any attachments to this post? Can see errors here

Thanks, mark.

I worked it out… when you drag addons to the projects addons folder in the dialogue that comes up the “Copy items to destinations group folder if needed” needs to be checked.

Trap for young players…