Can't discard files - crlf related?


I’m having problems discarding files I haven’t modified myself.

As far as I know, it’s end of line related. I’m on OSX.

The weird thing is - it’s only one folder: addons/ofxAssimpModelLoader.

I’m not sure if I should change crlf settings, since it’s not only happening on this folder and not on the entire repo.

Anyone ran into this or have a solution?

Thanks in advance,



I used a dirty way to fix this in my git environment.

  • Manually delete the ofxAsimpModelLoader folder.
  • Reset your working copy
  • Fetch/pull the last commits

Yeah, I played around and did something similar and it went away. Strange. I wonder why this folder specifically. Thanks.

look at the last bullet here for one way to deal with this. drakko’s fix also often works.
When this crops up it’s most often in the ofxassimp folder. we expect this to go away when we upgrade that library next time.

@bilderbuchi yep is a fix that came form my SVN times… delete everything and rebuild… thanks for the link, it makes more clear why it happen and how to solve it.


Another way i found to solve this problem (in the projectGenerator sub-project) to temporarily change the .gitattributes file.
instead of using:
* text=auto
* -text.

disables line-ending normalization.

with the modified .gitattributes i did not have modified files, so i could pull the changes.
afterwards i discarded the changes in .gitattributes.
no auto-changed files anymore.