can't detect Kinect camera in oF


I am developing an app to process video data from cameras. I use videoInput lib to find the devices. For example, VI.listDevices() lists the devices along with their device ID, where VI is videoInput. I have an integrated webcam on my laptop which has deviceID 0. But in the list, I couldn’t see the connected Kinect camera. Also, a PS3 camera that has not connected to the laptop (but I used it before on this laptop) has a deviceID 1. Full list in console shown below:

SETUP: Looking For Capture Devices
SETUP: 0) Integrated Webcam
SETUP: 1) PS3Eye Camera
SETUP: 2) Bytescout Screen Capturing Filter
SETUP: 3 Device(s) found

How could I find the Kinect camera? Should I use videoInput lib to find Kinect? and why a previously used PS3 camera is detected and listed?

Environment: windows 8 pro, oF v-0061, Kinect for Windows, Code::Blocks

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Did you install a driver for the PS3Camera? That may be why it is showing up.

I don’t think you can use the Kinect like a regular USB camera (with the exception of Linux)

You can access the Kinect RGB stream with ofxKinect - however it is not with ofVideoGrabber.

I would also recommend that you use a more recent version of OF - I think ofxKinect will require that