can't create a new project in codeblocks

Hi guys, I’m a newbye and the question i’m asking seems very dumb since this forum is plenty of thread about it, but. I swear I couln’d create a new openframeworks project with codeblocks, or at least not completely:(

I mean… the compiler can’t find the addons files. It works great with the examples, but it doesn’t even work cloning the “emptyExample” project. It happens also with all downloaded projects. I’m sure the OF folder is in the right path (C:/openframeworks)

for example, I’ve followed all the instruction here …
or I tryed the wizard here
no way!

please help me!

thanks a lot!!!


OpenFramework use makefile to compile.First you need to be sure that inside the project folder there are: Makefile, config.make and addons.make. If not you can copy and paste tese from an addon project , add in addon.make the name of the addons that you want to add in your project and delete the unwanted. check in codeblocks under project properties that is marked the flag "This is a custom Makefile ". thus is the standard procedure. let me know if this solved your problem.

thanks a lot for your help, I did everything but the compiler now yelds an error:

-------------- Build: release in openFrameworksLib ---------------

Target is up to date.

-------------- Build: release in prova ---------------

Using makefile: makefile
Execution of ‘make.exe -s -f makefile release’ in ‘C:\openframeworks\apps\addonsExamples\prova’ failed.
Nothing to be done.

the strange thing is that I’ve found only one config.make file in the apps folders which pertains ofxKinect, i’ve cloned that one,

thanks, grazie tante


P.S. i’m from bologna too mo soccia

hi, @j-derius. i’m not sure for that error. Try to clean and rebuild the project. Also if you have run the and then and scripts you should have all the codeblocks files(.cbp and .workspace) and config.make and addons.make in every folders. Should be written somewhere in the readme.linux and in readme.txt file int the OF main folder:

hello Bologna!