Can't configure kinect 2 solution

I´ve been tryng to use this addon :

but with no succes

this are his instructions :

1 Make your project with Project Generator, but do not select ofxKinectForWindows2 as an addon at this stage

2 Open the solution, and add the ofxKinectForWindows2Lib.vcxproj to your solution (right click on the Solution and choose Add > Existing Project…)

3 In Property Manager (open it from View -> Other Windows -> Property Manager), right click on your project to select Add Existing Property Sheet… and select the ofxKinectForWindows2.props file.

4 Go back to Solution Explorer, right click on your project (e.g. ‘mySketch’) and select ‘Add Reference…’, and add a reference to ofxKinectForWindows2Lib.

but I´can find ofxKinectForWindows2Lib.vcxproj file or ofxKinectForWindows2.props file,where are they supposed to be ?

Is there any other kinect 2 addon that I should be using?

Did you download the addon? These two files are in the addon, ofxKinectForWindows2.props is in the root addon folder and ofxKinectForWindows2Lib.vcxproj is in the ofxKinectForWindows2Lib folder.

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I don´t know what was happening to me. Now I see it, thanks for helping me !